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is that Rin Matsuoka



The World Ends With You Pin Badge Collection now at ARTNIA!

If you happen to be in Japan around the Tokyo area, then perhaps you should think about taking a quick trip to Shinjuku and visit ARTNIA. Starting today, The World Ends With You Pin Badge Collection is now on sale at Square Enix’s official merchandise store & cafe along with a bunch of new merchandise for the newly released 3DS game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call.

The pins cost 200 Yen ($2 USD) and there are 12 pins in all. At this time it remains unknown if they plan to sell the pin collection online.

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Source: Square Enix Official Goods via Twitter




what did marilyn monroe do besides being a wholesale jump off for yall to be worshiping her

^ first of she represented every girls who has girls and uplifted girls self esteem.. do your research before you criticize anybody!

how u say first off and then only say one thing


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